Rogue FX – Don’t Talk To Strangers

Rogue FX is an 80s inspired artist who focuses on synth pop and house music. His music is definitely one for nightclubs and raves. Rogue FX, as previously said, is heavily inspired by the 80s and this is clear in his song, which creates a sense of nostalgia.  

This song is another one of those addictive, catchy songs that everybody loves. It welcomes us with a strong bassline mixed with melodic synth sounds. The result of this is a feeling of unusualness but it makes us want to dance to it.

The vocalism is more of a spoken word, rather than sung, which is perfect for this synth pop beat.

Although Rogue FX’s styles of music is not typically my cup of tea, this tune is fantastic and one that I will definitely be listening to again.

If you are especially a fan of this kind of music, then you must give Rogue FX’s work a listen to, and I can guarantee you that you will love it. 

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