Rhian! – I Need Your Love

“I need your love” is a lively pop track, that fills you with confidence and happiness. Rhian! wanted to steer away from his usual mellow music to a more upbeat and vibrant song.

To start this off, this song has immaculate vibes to it, and is perfect for people to listen to whilst dancing or even out clubbing on a Saturday night. The energy is continuous throughout the track and really gets you feeling positive.

Rhian! has used more of an electronic and dance side of pop, laced with inspiration of the 90s. The baseline is bold and prominent and his brings almost an element of nostalgia of older music.  

All the vocals in “I need your love” are also remarkable, ensuring that confident and energetic feel remains. His vocals are enchanting and definitely keep you absorbed within the track.

If you are a fan of gladsome music then Rhian!’s track is must!

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