Raymond Revel – Take A Break

“Take a break” is a newly released single and is definitely not one to miss!

Raymond Revel’s track is condensed with joy, vibrancy and feelings of liveliness. With influences of 70s disco rhythms and basslines, we are presented a song festival like elements. The electronic side it, allows us to see a more futuristic component of music.

This is the kind of song that everybody loves, and would be played at your family’s house party. It makes you want to get up and dance, and really enjoy the music.

The song’s musical part is a bit unusual compared to other hit songs however the effect it leaves on you is one you cannot forget.

I have linked Revel’s “Take a break” below and you should take a quick look at what Revel and his music has to offer. If you are one for the upbeat disco sound, then make sure you check him out!   

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