Rachel Davie Lee – Love Is In The Air

OMG! What a beautiful voice Rachel has!

The first time I heard this song, I was drawn to the vocals and how well she sounds. At different times, we can hear her large vocal range, as she expresses using both high and low notes.

This is one of those lovely, warm songs about romance, that we are all guilty of loving! It is also perfect to dance to with your loved ones.

It begins with a gorgeous melodic piano, really showing the romanticism of the song. This is then joined with a steady beat, that is maintained throughout the remaining of the song. Rachel’s steady beat almost reminds me of a heartbeat, symbolising everlasting love between two people.

Overall, this song is a perfect pop love song, and is definitely one that I’ll be adding to my playlist.

Anyways, please go and give Rachel Davie Lee’s song a little listen to.

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