Pomona Park – Pillow Talk

This is one of those ones that Isn’t typically my style of music, but after hearing it, I love it!

“Pillow talk” is a very relatable song, about the strange thoughts and overthinking that an occur whilst in bed.

The song is introduced with an upbeat sound, with a steady drumbeat, which automatically grabs our attention. The use of actual instruments, rather than just beats and electronically creations, really makes us like the song from the get-go. Pomona Park describes their work as including “punchy basslines” and “sweet guitar riffs”, and this song definitely shows just that.

Pomona Park’s vocals are also really good and remind us of artists like Sam Fender and 5 Seconds Of Summer.

This song is definitely one that I can imagine being played at a family gathering, as the British band captivate you with their music.

I 100% recommend this song, and it is not one to be missed. Please go and give “Pillow talk” and other songs by Pomona Park a listen to, and you will not regret it!

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