Kyle M Watson – WHAT NOW (Triggered)

“What now” is an absolutely great and catchy song, that I can assure you, you will love!

Everybody loves a bit of Ne-Yo style R&B, and this a perfect example of that. The song has a positive vibe to it, and it cannot be faulted in anyway.

Kyle’s vocals are also exceptional in this song. His voice is very laid back, but we can really hear the talent that he possess in this song. The backing vocals, towards the latter half of the track, really compliment the lead.

The musical side of Watson’s track also really help with the good feel of the song. It is very catchy and is one that just makes you want to dance to.

I could not recommend this song enough and as a lover of R&B “What now” is hands down a great song, that is full of potential. Nonetheless, please go support Kyle and his music, he certainly deserves it!

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