Kelsie Kimberlin – Cosmopolitan Girl

After hearing previous work of Kelsie’s, when I came across this song, I must say I was excited to see what else Kelsie had in store. As it stands “Cosmopolitan girl” is of course another great song.

Kimberlin’s voice is one that is distinctive but beautiful, and she honestly has done immensely well with this track.

Who doesn’t love an upbeat, happy feel song made by an artist with a beautiful voice?

The song maintains a positive vibe, with a steady instrumental throughout. This is undoubtedly a track that you would listen to whilst dancing in the kitchen.

Not only is this song one that fills us with excitement, but it is also one that sends out a powerful message about war and cultural differences. Kimberlin aims to spread appreciation for other cultures and embrace our differences. Such a powerful meaning behind this song really brings Kimberlin’s personality and kindness to light here.

Nevertheless, go and give Kelsie’s track a listen to!

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