Jonathan Shapiro – IDGAF

Jonathan Shapiro, a young rapper, has done exceptionally well with his song “IDGAF” and I absolutely love it!

“IDGAF” is a perfect song for progression and moving forward with your life after a relationship. His song has a deep lyrical meaning that is inspired by his own previous experiences and he presents it in rap style. Not only is the lead rap amazing, but Jonathan also incorporated backing vocals that almost echo his lyrics, and this has a really great effect

This song includes many rap qualities, but he also included different, unusual beats that really attract us. It has a strong bassline, that keeps the song interesting and results in a memorable song. Jonathan Shapiro’s track is extremely bold.

Whether you are a lover of rap or not, this track is a must! Jonathan’s work is honestly outstanding and he has so much potential. If you haven’t already, please give his work a little listen to and you will unquestionably love it just as much as I do.

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