Jessica Woodlee – Dairy Aisle

Without a doubt Jessica has an absolutely beautiful voice and this song majorly shows this.

Jessica, who is a singer/songwriter, creates songs full of emotion and feelings that she feels, that is what makes this song unique and relatable. Newly released, this song is condensed with a mellow rhythm, a soft vibe and gentle vocals.

Jessica sings about a possible ex-lover that she misses after not seeing them for a while. This is a song than many can relate to, about that desperate urge to accidentally bump into someone from your past in the grocery store. The song reminisces the history of their love, their kiss and their presence.

Although the instrumental is soft and melodic, it still has an element of a catchy beat in the chorus. This is the perfect song to listen to whilst driving, or if you are feeling a relaxing vibe.

You should not only give Jessica Woodlee’s “Dairy Aisle” a listen to, but you must listen to other work of hers, and I can assure you, you will love it.  

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