Hannyta – Fluctuating

Dance pop with an edgy inspiration? 100%

I was taken by surprise with how much I enjoyed this song. Everything about it is absolutely amazing, the vocals, the beat, the lyrics, the vibe.

Quite often we experience that fight between our head and heart when it comes to difficult relationships and Hannyta is expressing this topic within the lyrics of her song. However, rather than portraying it in a sad, dull song, she uses her talent and knowledge of the electronic/dance pop genre to do so.

The vocals in “Fluctuating” are outstanding, and as a young artist of just 17 years, her voice quite literally takes your breath away. She sings alone, and still manages to maintain an interest and love of her voice.

The song is upbeat and brings you up on your feet to dance to.

Whether dance pop is your taste or not, I can guarantee you that you will dig this song and you will feel an urge to dance to it. So please go ahead and listen to Hannyta’s track and help boost her listening.   

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