Doc Fischbach – Walk Away


I am honestly so pleasantly surprised with this song, and I cannot describe how much I love this tune!

Everybody loves a good, feisty song about being independent and overcoming a relation with somebody who is toxic. Doc Fischbach’s sings about being better off alone rather than with someone who is destructive and arduous.

“Walk away” uses powerful drums to keep the song upbeat and memorable. Additionally, the vocals in this are great and match the instrumental very well.    

This is one of those that if you listen to it once, it will be in your head all day. It just makes you want to listen to this song on repeat. Not only does it have a good sound to it, but it also pushes you to get up and bop your head to it. This is one for everyone, of all ages, to enjoy.

After hearing “Walk away”, I am so intrigued to hear other work of Doc Fischbach.

If you haven’t already, go and give this track a listen to!

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