Connor Mac – See Through

Connor Mac’s new song is a beautiful and melodic, heartfelt tune, which unquestionably needs to be listened to.

Mac’s harmonising vocals are undoubtedly the spotlight of this one, as he really expresses his vocal ability throughout “See through”. His voice is an example of comfort but we can also genuinely hear the emotion in his voice. Connor also shares a really powerful message in his song, as he apprises us about having confidence within yourself, and overcoming that self-doubt.

The choice of music in this track is superb, as the guitar strumming flows perfectly with Connor’s voice. Additionally, the use of drums (especially the bass drum in the chorus) helps the song to progress the powerful message.

Connor Mac’s music is one that I would love to hear more of therefore I will browse other songs of his. If you haven’t heard this soulful track yet, please go and give it a listen to.  

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