Benedicta Syran – Let Me Be

Do you ever hear a song that is not generally your type of music, but end up loving it? That is how I feel with Benedicta’s Syran’s “Let me be”.

Benedicta’s aim with song was to uplift people and feel them with positivity, which is exactly what she does with this track. The idea of independence and individuality is very prominent with children growing up, going through change. On top of that her vocals are extremely clear and melodious.  

Unlike a lot of recent music, Benedicta’s song includes the use of a band with instruments rather than electrified music. The use of this makes the song more enjoyable and more joyful.

Not only has she released this version, she has also released an acoustic version of “Let me be” that Is just as amazing!

 If you are ever feeling down or trapped, Benedicta’s music is unquestionably one that you should give a listen to.

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