Animate – Unbound

“Unbound” is an absolutely beautiful song, that ties all the perfect components together, creating a masterpiece.   

Animate decided to take it down a notch from their usual music and do an acoustic piece. The guitar in this song is amazing, as it allows you to cherish life and feel that sense of warmth. In the later part, Animate include a small little electric guitar solo, that really emphasises the warmth of the song.

‘Unbound’ is a song of relaxation and allowing the song to be made up acoustic instruments really gains more listeners. The sentiment and emotion of this song is also expressed through the vocals as we can really hear it in his voice.

This song can be appreciated by anyone of any age and you guys should definitely give this one a listen to!

Animate are increasingly growing as an artist, and as an artist full of potential, I hope to hear more work from them soon. 

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