Xavier Bernazard – Balloons For My Funeral

Xavier Bernazard is a latinx, nonbinary queer-punk artist born & raised in Caguas, Puerto Rico but now based in Denton, Texas, USA, and Balloons For My Funeral is their latest release.

Featuring “13 angsty tracks for your rage or cry session” this is an album that will make you sing, laugh and cry all at the same time.

Classed by fans as “theatrical queer punk rock” by fans, the band are influenced by alternative rock and punk bands such as My Chemical Romance, Paramore, The All American Rejects and Evanescence.

Exploring themes such as nostalgia, identity, angst, morality, relationships and life, this album explores many different states of mind with dep emotion and a huge sound that hits you right in the stomach. Writing and singing about such themes also means that most people can relate to the lyrics, making the album more accessible to a wider range of listeners.

The album has a very sombre start to it with the first few tracks, but the punk/rock/emo influences soon kick in and the album is actually quite rocky in places.

Each track is its own little story with its own theme and therefore each song is unique but thoroughly deserves its place on the album.

Mixing metal-like riffs, Latin-inspired percussion, crazy guitar licks and passionate vocals, it is obvious to the listener that there is some very personal content on this album.

Mainly using male lead vocals, a female voice is also used on some of the tracks, and this is a great combination. The soft yet powerful male lead has a hint of grittiness that give the tracks a raw, edgy feel, with the female vocals adding a touch of elegance.

Musically, the album is great. There is a great bass and drum section, the guitar work is impressive, and the inclusion of the keys gives more depth and dimension to the songs.

With Xavier Bernazard on lyrics and vocals, Fox Devaugn and Adam McGrath on guitars, Nathan McCord on drums, Alex Hodge on bass and Josh Keras on keys, the album was mixed by McCord, produced by McCord and McGrath, and recorded in Dallas, Texas, being the bands work in progress between March 2022 and September 2022.

To sum up, this is an anthemic album full of songs that will have a bigger, deeper impact ion you than you first thought!


1) Enemy

2) Hello

3) Loose End


5) You Left Me

6) Summer Nostalgia

7) Restart

8) De Mi

9) Push & Pull

10) Hero

11) Ponyboy

12) Don’t Run Away (Funeral Version)

13) Balloons For My Funeral

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