Koala Bar – Pas de Bourrée

Koala Bar are a Swedish indie/alternative band and Pas de Bourrée is their new single, released on 28/10/2022.

Originally starting in 2015 as a duo, the band have now welcomed two more members, making them a quartet and they released their debut album Di Sorte in 2018.

The soft guitar work and wonderful use of the snare drum give this track a mellow and relaxing vibe, something you could unwind to at the end of the day.

The beautiful melodies and harmonious vocals really do emit peacefulness and tranquillity although the track is also quite atmospheric and reflective.

There is a certain groove about the track that makes it super catchy, and I know that when you have heard this song once, it will be your ear worm for the rest of the day. The song also has an edginess to it which makes it more than just an appealing pop song, and I think this track will attract a lot of listeners.

Excellent job!

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