Cherry Bomb – Pandora’s Box

“New wave is forgotten, grunge is gone – Metal is back and it’s here to stay – FOR GOOD!” This is not my opinion, although I must admit I do tend to agree, but rather a tag line from German band Cherry Bomb’s very own website! And these one-time kings of hard rock are back!

With their typical 80’s hard rock / AOR / glam sound these guys know how to send you on a trip down memory lane to a time of hair metal, spandex and near the mark lyrics!!

And with members called Ben Dover (drums), Chris P Nuttz (vocals, guitars), Vince Vixxen (vocals, guitars) Neil N Blomee (vocals, keys) and York Hunt (bass) this is a band plucked straight from 1984!

This album has thirteen anthemic tracks, all as catchy and infectious as each other. With its big choruses and melodic vocals this album is bound to have you singing along into your hairbrush.

It has pop-influenced hooks and banging guitar riffs that will make you jump around the living room like you did nearly forty (crikey!) years ago and its shred guitar solos will make you dust off those air guitars!

This album is 55 minutes and thirty-six seconds of pure upbeat rock anthems, and it was an absolute joy to listen to it. I have been a fan of glam metal for years (although am too young to remember it the first-time round!) and this is just as good, if not better, than some of the offerings from the original glam bands.

Interspersed with the all the rockiness are a few power ballads, bringing the tempo of the album down a notch or two for a short time before launching you face first back into a glam rock frenzy.

I absolutely loved this album and if I were to give it a score out of ten, it would definitely be a ten!

The original glam bands such as Poison, Motley Crue, Bon Jovi, Van Halen and Ratt (to name but a few) might not be able to cut the mustard anymore, but with bands like Cherry Bomb, the glam metal genre should never die out!

Hopefully, this will appeal to some of the younger metalheads of today, but if not, there are a fair few “older” glam fans who are absolutely going to love this!

Track Listing:

1) No Beer In The Fridge

2) Boobie Wonderland

3) Pandora’s Box

4) I’m Your Man

5) Metalheadz 4 Ever

6) Oh Rosie!!

7) First Choice

8) Just Go

9) Don’t Forget Your Shoes

10) Don’t Stop

11) Just A Stripper Girl

12) 2 Fuckin’ Wasted

13) Always On My Mind

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