Ruby Nixxons – Set Me On Fire

Ruby Nixxons is a three-piece band from Glasgow in Scotland and Set Me On Fire is their new single.

With a classic hard rock sound reminiscent of the 1980’s, this track starts just how it means to go on….with a bang! With its infectious riffs and compelling bass lines and drums, this is the kind of track you stick in your car, turn it up to the max and just head out to the highways!

The strong vocals are one of the driving forces behind the track, as are the layered guitars and pounding drums. This is an energetic song, one full of powerful rock grooves and one I can imagine a lot of people dancing around the living room to.

There is nothing ground-breaking about this track BUT it is solid, well produced and well played. I liked it and I think you will too.

So, If you are into AOR and the classic, anthemic rock sound then this is a track for you. Also, look out for the track Keep On Keeping On!

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