Rival Karma – Powerduism

The good thing about music is that it comes in all shapes, sizes, and connotations so there is something for everyone. But occasionally, something comes along that just doesn’t fit into any particular genre or category and its these bands / songs that I find are the true gems.

This could be said of London based ninja rock due, Rival Karma. A beautiful blend of stoner rock, alternative rock, grunge, hard rock and indie rock, the band have created a sound all for themselves.

Formed back in 2018 as a four piece, two members dropped out over the years leaving vocalist and guitarist Martin Roux and drummer Piergiorgio “PJ” Ciarla, and the two decided to continue as a two piece.

Powerduism is the band’s sophomore EP, released on 28th October 2022, consisting of four tracks of ferocious riffs and trance driving drumbeats, and it is hard to believe that the raucous sound coming from the speakers has been made by just two people.

With sauntering guitar riffs, big stomping drums and storming vocal work, this is an energetic and infectious release that will make you want to hit the repeat button almost as soon as its finished.

These are obviously two incredibly talented musicians as the mix of clean, anthemic vocals with clever twists and harmonic changes along with rumbling guitars and hip shaking grooves, show just how well the two of them work together. It is also a great showcase for their unique blend of blues infused stoner rock with just a little bit of everything else thrown in for good measure!

If you are looking for a band to compare them with think along the lines of The Black Keys meets Queens of The Stone Age and you will be almost there.

I really liked this band and I think the accessibility of the music will appeal to a wide range of listeners.

The bands album release party in on 26th November 2022 at Signature Brew, Blackhorse Road in Walthamstow so if you like what you hear with the EP, head on down there and see the guys in person. I don’t think you would be disappointed.

Track Listing:

1) Minds of The Many

2) Jesus Is From Chico

3) Photograph

4) Honey

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