One And A Half Dog – Catch 22

A slow burner, this track kicks off with soft drumming and strumming guitars, but soon erupts with a Pink Floyd vibe to it.

An alternative rock / classic rock 5-piece from Norway led by Lars Nielsen, One and A Half Dog are five guys whose common interest is “a great love and passion for Rock n Roll music”.

With shimmering cymbals, pulsing toms and powerful drums, the percussion section of this band really come into their own. The basslines which shine through every now and then are impressive and show this is not just a band that thrives on loud distorted guitars and emotional vocals.

The vocals, themselves, are gritty, almost grunge-esque but strong and powerful and the singer is able to expose the feeling of the track with ease, almost like the lyrics are personal to him.

The time changes in this track give it a very progressive feel and as previously mentioned, very reminiscent of Pink Floyd, even down to the tone of some of the vocals. Give this track to Pink Floyd and they would do a great job, give these guys a Pink Floyd track and I am sure they would do an immense job!

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