Golden Richards – Will I Be Cool?

Golden Richards is a band who formed after members Gil Golden, and Billy Richards met at a showing of Enter the Dragon and Will I Be Cool is their new single.

Not one for trying to define genres for bands, myself, the band have described themselves as “New Wave Power Pop with Big Hooks” and I must say this probably does do the sound they have justice.

With an alternative rock / pop rock feel, the male vocals are strong with that classic soft rock vibe. These are then complimented by great backing vocals that add layers to the track, although this in no way means that the main vocals are lacking and one dimensional. Far from it!

The bass and drum sections are solid, holding everything together effortlessly and the guitar work is impressive, a fantastic guitar solo pitched part way through the song that changes the tempo and pace of the track even for just a short time.

The lyrics to this track are catchy and the big chorus will leave you humming this tune for the rest of the day.

This is definitely a song that, I think, will appeal to a lot of people and one that will almost certainly get you dancing around your living room.

If you like great pop rock, then this one is for you. And if you don’t, well check it out anyway…. you might surprise yourself!

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