Birdeatsbaby – Illuminate

One question sprung to mind while I was listening to this track from Brighton based progressive rock band, Birdeatsbaby and that was why the hell had I never heard of this band before?

Mixing progressive, alternative rock with melodic and cinematic sounds, the band have produced something that crosses over many genres while still retaining their dark and brooding signature sound.

The track mixes strong, haunting vocals with heavy, chugging riffs and layers them with a multitude of guitar sounds. Intertwine these with orchestral interludes, complex rhythms and exotic instrumentation and you are left with the breath-taking, mind-blowing song that is Illuminate!

The band have also not been afraid to experiment and adding distorted vocals part way through the track during a tempo change works really well, giving the song a raw, edginess to it too. The track builds in tempo, in passion and in intensity as it progresses, and this gives it an anthemic quality that will make an enormous impact on anyone who listens to it.

The band members cite Chopin, Mozart, Debussy, Queen, Muse and Nick Cave as their influences and this diversity comes across in the music they produce, but I can also hear hints of The Cranberries and Catatonia too.

This is an incredible track and one I know I will listen to many more times even after having finished this review.

Great track by a great band!

Now, to find some more music by Birdeatsbaby!

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