Bandwithoutband – Get Down

I know I’m supposed to tell you about the track before I give you my own personal opinion, but WOW, what a track! This is one I absolutely loved.

Opening with a distorted intro before the drums and guitars crash in, the track is full on from start to finish.

Melodic metal with a hint of industrial in there too, this is a band who really cannot be defined by any one genre (my favourite type of band). Mixing chugging guitars and pounding drums with almost goth-like vocals, this band have a sound unique to them.

Heavy, chugging riffs kick in almost straight away, letting you know just how the rest of the track will go, and I was banging my head almost instantly to the sluggish, almost death metal guitars and drums.

The drums keep everything constant throughout the whole track and the basslines are fantastic.

The vocals initially took me a bit by surprise as I was expecting a more death metal-like growl and these lean more towards the goth metal sound, but everything seems to work perfectly. There is a great use of distorted vocals part way through the song, adding dimension and keeping things interesting

As I said right at the start, I absolutely loved this track, and I could listen to it time and time and time again and never tire of it. I want to hear more of what this band has to offer and will be definitely be keeping my ear to the ground in the hope of hearing their next release!

An album would be awesome!!

This album is purely the property of The Metal Asylum

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