Sasha Bonn – Omega

Written by Samantha Flint

You know sometimes you hear that song, which is not usually your kind of music, but it takes you by surprise, this is one of those.

“Omega” gives you a feeling of outer space from the very start due to the electronic beats of the song. It is very 90s style inspired electro pop.

The spoken-word vocals also bring a very robotic, and spacelike vibe. Sasha Bonn’s voice is very distinctive and brings overwhelming power to the song.

“Omega” is the last letter in the Greek alphabet and therefore singing about “getting to omega”, shows that they want to reach the big finale, and end up at the end together. The idea of an ever-lasting relationship, is something that many want, and Sasha sings about it in a more upbeat, dance way, rather than an emotional way like many other artists.

If electronic pop or dance music is your style, then you must give this song a listen to!

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