Allie Jason – Best Thing That I Ever Did

Written by Samantha Flint

This is another one of those amazing, mellow pop songs, that just soothes and warms you. The melodies and music match perfectly.

We are welcomed with Allie’s soothing voice, and she honestly pulled the cat out the bag with this one! The backing vocals in the “Best thing that I ever did”, also bring a perfect touch, as they really compliment the lead vocals.

The lyrics to this song appear to be telling us about the relief and benefit of leaving a toxic or dangerous relation. The good thing about this lyrical style is that many of us can relate to, therefore improving it even more.

The slight beat is great to vibe to and has the effect of elevating your mood. Allie ensures there is nothing too loud and overpowering, to really let her vocals shine. 

Allie Jason is so underrated and definitely needs to be heard. She has an absolutely beautiful voice and once you hear it, I promise you, that you will share my opinions!    

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