Wynter Kills – Condemned To Burn

Wynter Kills is a new original heavy metal project and Condemned To Burn is the second demo from their upcoming album.

Leading you into a fall sense of security when the track kicks off with clean vocals, this is actually a typical black/death metal song, with a little something all of its own!

Kicking off straight away, the track is full steam ahead from start to finish, even the time changes never giving the listener time to pause!

A mix of genres, including death, traditional, black and Viking this track really does have something for everyone. With its blend of clean singing, death metal growls and black metal screams, there is something about this song that just sets it apart from other black/death metal songs, and this is not a bad thing!

The guitars do not have a typical sluggish death metal sound, rather the more traditional heavy metal sound, but this mixed with the range of vocal styles works a treat. The double kick drums are awesome and the whole bass/drum section keeps the track tight yet maintaining a certain rawness.

With hints of Carcass, Control Denied and Death creeping in throughout the song, this song will appeal to a wide reach of listeners.

Well done to the guys in Wynter Kills, I can’t wait to hear more from them!

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