Sam Marke – Burden To Bear

Written by Samantha Flint


All I can say is what amazing vocals Sam presents in this song! I personally love that tender, emotional side to music that artists like Sam Smith and Lewis Capaldi share. Marke clearly has the potential, and his singing should 100% be heard.

Sam sings about his personal experiences of dealing with his autism and the feeling of being isolated and so nervous that it overpowers him. Not only is this song an amazing song, it’s also one that can be related to by many, which just makes it that so much better.

The piano in this song is the perfect instrument to blend with his vocals and help add to that mournful tone. Marke ends the song quietly after a climax, leaving us feeling all the effects of the song.   

Sam Marke’s song is not one of those that you can just skip, it has to be heard! It’s perfect for that vibe of a late night drive with your pals, belting out the lyrics, getting in the feels.

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