Render – Revolution Inside

I love it when I come across a new track that reminds me of certain times in the past and boy, does this track from US-based band Render do that!

Packed full of nods to the alternative rock / grunge of the 90’s, this song took me right back to my college days when I was a huge grunge fan and then nostalgia sets in, and its always a beautiful thing when music does that.

I absolutely love the vocals, the guy can really sing, and the rawness in his voice really adds to the song. His voice is powerful and strong, delivering the lyrics with emotion and energy, yet doesn’t cross the boundary between singing and growling.

The slightly distorted guitars were my favourite part of the whole track. While I love clean, crisp guitar playing, the edginess that distorting the sound brings just elevates the track higher above others of the same standing.

The time changes, from the melodic to the aster bridge in the middle of the song, were done to perfection and at no point during this song did I get bored or disinterested. In fact, the volume button went up a notch or two and if I listened to this track five times on the bounce, I didn’t listen to it enough!

Anthemic, euphoric and nostalgic! The only three words needed to describe this track, oh apart from bloody excellent!

I definitely want to hear more from this band and will be keeping my ears and eyes peeled for any new releases!

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