Red Skies Mourning – Something About Her

Written by Samantha Flint

Thing song is one of those that just makes you feel overwhelmed with love and happiness. We all need to sometimes sit back and enjoy life and romance, and this song does exactly that!

“Something about her” maintains a fast beat throughout, adding to the hype and good vibe of the song. We get to really experience the emotional and romantic side of the band as the singer sings about his love interest.

This song is one of those feel-good songs, that everybody of all ages love and want to get up and dance to! The structural presentation of the song allows them to build up to a chorus full of happiness and romanticism, making us enjoy it even more! Not only is the music amazing, his vocals also are as they match to the music perfectly. 

“Something about her” is just such an amazing pop track and if you love this kind of music, then this is the perfect feel-good song for you! Be sure to check out this Red Skies Mourning’s song and even other tracks of theirs, as this cannot be missed!

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