pMad – Sisters

pMad is the solo music project of Irishman Paul Dillon and Sisters is his latest single.

A reference to loved ones who have passed away too early, leaving others behind to grieve, and also the thinking that we should be thankful for the time we had spent with them, Sisters is an impressive mix of darkwave, post punk, alternative rock, and gothic rock.

A guitar-driven goth track, it is easy to see that Paul’s influences include bands such as The Cure, The Sisters Of Mercy, Sonic Youth and The The. There is an atmospheric, eclectic sound to the track that is dark, brooding, and intense.

The vocals are deep and emotive, and the electronic waves mixed with the layered guitars, pulsating drumbeat and deep, chugging bassline give this track depth and meaning.

The lyrics and themes of the track are easily relatable, as many of us would have had some experience of them, and this makes the song accessible to most people.

I must say this is the first time I have heard of pMad, but I am really hoping it won’t be the last!

A gothic well done on an excellent track.

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