Maybe Human – Ape Law

Ape Law by Maybe Human is a track from the album Ape Law, which is due to be released on 25th November 2022. The album, as a whole, is a tribute to the original Planet of The Apes films and every track contains a sample of iconic lines from the movies.

Bearing in mind that Maybe Human say their own music is “conceptual instrumental post rock/pop made for flying UFOs” its no wonder the track has a distinct futuristic yet dystopian feel to it.

Being an instrumental there is an ambitious mix of sounds and genres, combining post-rock melodies with progressive metal riffs and time changes. The track features ambient guitars, to give off a mellow and soothing vibe and the soft drums contribute to the melodic rock feel.

Despite the rock influences that are clear to hear, the track also presents some electronic vibes and even some industrial riffs.

Overall, the track is very laid back and tranquil, but with some hard-hitting words spoken over the top. This is very experimental as, although expertly done, it combines a multitude of genres, as well as tackling some very political themes.

Go and give Ape Law a listen. After all, who is to the chimpanzees are wrong?!?!

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