Mary KilS – Long Silence

What an absolutely beautiful track!

Mary KilS is a French singer/songwriter and Long Silence is her latest track.

Sung in French, Long Silence is a classic rock ballad/love song. The vocals are haunting in themselves but singing in French just gives them another dimension. They are powerful and strong and, yet I also feel that if this lady wanted to rock it up a bit, she would definitely pull it off. The emotion in her voice is clear to hear, and this song really could reduce a listener to tears.

The song starts slowly and builds up into a crescendo before coming back down again, leaving the listener experiencing all sorts of emotions as this song is like a book and takes the listener on a journey, full of ups and downs.

Musically the track is spot on with great guitar work and a solid bass/drum section and with a hint of The Cranberries in there, the music and the lyrics match perfectly.

I would love to hear more from Mary KilS and will definitely be keeping an ear out for new releases.

Great job!

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