Fivesideddice – Fracture

If ever there was an album that literally did have it all, then it would be this one from South African band Fivesideddice! When they say they are a multi-genre music project, they really are not kidding.

With genres ranging from full on pop to metal to alternative rock to rap and to metalcore, good luck to anyone who wants to try a pigeon-hole this album! Some people could see this as a bad thing as categorising the album is so difficult, but I actually think it’s a great thing to do.

Not only is the listener kept wondering as to what is going to come next, as each song is completely different from the previous, but it also means that it could appeal to a wider range of listeners and people who haven’t quite found their niche with music yet.

Musically, there is nothing wrong with this album. The music is tight and well-played, obviously being lots of talent there. But just the same, the vocals are strong and change effortlessly from one genre to the next.

This is really an album you need to check out for yourself. If you like a mixed bag of just about everything, then this is the album for you.

Personally, I liked it, the quirkiness and eccentricity of it being one of its strongest assets.

And who doesn’t like a bit if quirkiness and eccentricity, eh?


1.I Hate You All

2.Succubus (feat. Kevin Tait)

3.I Am Become Death (feat. Holizna)

4.Welcome to the 27 Club

5.The Bond

6.My Favourite Sin (feat. Kevin Tait)

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