Enoka – Do It All 4 Me

Written by Samantha Flint

If you are one of those who loves a good R&B track, that is bold and vibrant, then this song is definitely the one for you! Although “Do it all 4 me” is an R&B track, you can undoubtedly see elements of pop and even soul.

First and foremost, Enoka’s vocalism is outstanding as she is so strong and powerful. Her voice really makes the song.

The beats and the bass line in this song are so captivating and constructs a feeling of positivity. It keeps a steady sound, which you can tell has been carefully structured to keep the song flowing.

This song is like an earworm that you just cannot get out of your head. However, it is not one that you hate, instead it persuades you to listen to this song on repeat.

Enoka is an artist that I would love to hear more of, as her voice and the vibe of her music is just too good to ignore!

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