Elad David – Electrified

Elad David is back and this time its with the third single Electrified from his new EP, the Big Picture.

Fusing electronic synthesisers with crunching rock guitar, this instrumental track is an eclectic, fun and exciting track.

If there ever was an argument to let synths into rock music, then this track would be it. With a funky bassline giving the track a certain groove to it, the song has a very retro vibe to it.

With a great use of guitars mixed with frenzied drumming and even a saxophone at one point, this song is quirky and has just about everything in it, right down to the distorted, electronic voice asking us if we are electrified right at the end!

Tempo changes are used well and there is always something going on in the track, so the listener doesn’t become disinterested which I tend to find happens with instrumentals.

If there was one phrase I would use to sum up this track it would be the following…. Classic rock meets Jean Michel Jarre!!

If you want to bop your head to some funky beats with crunching guitars, then this is the track for you.

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