Sol Ether – I: Golden Head

It appears to be the morning for me to listen to music that is intended to keep me awake and on my toes (despite it being Monday!) And the band Sol Ether have certainly done that with their brutal death metal album “I: Golden Head.”

Formed in Boston, Massachusetts in 2017 after a drunken meeting at a gig (how else would a death metal band meet?), Sol Ether are Torann (vocals, composition, arrangements, overtone flute) and Tellus (bass, guitars, composition, arrangements) and this, their debut album, released six years later, features John Porello (guitars, composition, arrangements, recording) and Matt Guglielmo (drums, drum engineering, mixing and mastering).

The album kicks off right from the start and is 45 minutes of epic, chugging traditional death metal, with a bit of Viking metal thrown in, some power metal added, and a pinch of doom metal sprinkled in for good measure, giving this band a sound that is almost unique.

Pounding, double kick drums (which I sooo love!), thick, slow guitar riffs and a heavy bass line all brought together with traditional death metal vocals, give this album a dark and gothic, yet brutal and gloomy sound.

The vocals mix together death metal growls, black metal screams and the occasional sacrificial chanting which portray the Celtic mythology themes perfectly but, unlike some death metal bands, the lyrics are always able to be understood.

Pace changes during an album are always a good thing and this has it in abundance. Each track has a chugging and crushing sound, the bands raw, old-school brutality and sound shining through, but this does not take away from the album’s clear production.

If you are a fan of bands such as Enslaved, Bathory, Morbid Angel, Paradise Lost and Dismember then you are going to love Sol Ether.

But don’t take my word for it, head on over to their Bandcamp page and download the album for yourself!

You won’t be disappointed.

Track Listing:

Spire Of Fate


Golden Head

Through Time

Unyielding Yew


Call Of The Sidhe


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