Rick Smoove – U Miss Me

Written by Samantha Flint

What an absolutely extraordinary piece “U Miss Me” is! This song is the perfect combination rap and R&B, which just makes you want to bop your head and tap your foot to.

The vocals on both parts are incredible and creates an amazing balance of Rick’s rap and choric singing. The rap smoothly makes its way through the song, and the power in his voice really shines through in this song. The backing vocals also give an effective touch to the song, as the two artists sing together as one, rather than it sounding like two separate songs. Not only is the rap and backing vocals amazing, but the chorus also brings that break from rap to a nice R&B sound. The beat keeps up all through the song, helping the flow of the track.

Honestly, if you are a fan of pop, rap or R&B, then this is the ideal one for you! This song has elements of each genre, keeping the listener enticed at all times. I cannot describe how great this song is, you must check it out for yourselves!  

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