Kevin The Persian – Rock Is Dead

If you ever you wanted a track to dance around your living room to, using a mop as an air guitar and a hairbrush as a microphone (obviously not at the same time!) then this is the track for you!

Kevin the Persian is a hard-rock artist based in New Orleans and the track Rock Is Dead is from his new album Southern Dissonance released in 2022.

Heavily influenced by 80’s and 90’s hard rock as well as grunge and alternative rock, Kevin has thrown in some metal vibes too to give himself a sound unlike any other.

Kicking off with a cool bass intro, the track has a heavy guitar line mixed with melodies and a pure old school rock vibe. There is a fat bass sound and poundings drums (how drums should always be if you ask me!) with great guitar riffs which gives the song a groovy and melodic, yet passionate and energetic sound. The vocals are awesome, a voice just gravely enough to give the track a raw edginess without losing the hard rock feel but one that fits perfectly with the track.

The song pays tribute to old school rock yet suggests this is a dying genre, an absolute must listen to track for anyone who loves this type of rock.

Entertaining, fresh, and vibrant, this song is intense, never letting up from the moment is starts to the moment it ends, and once it does, you will just want to hit the play button and listen to it over and over again.

I know…I did!!

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