Glytsh – S@vage

I love it when something completely different from everything else drops in my inbox to be reviewed. It reminds me that there IS new music out there waiting to be discovered and all these ideas that “rock is dead” are just pie in the sky, something people stuck in time warps like spout every now and then.

Glytsh are a multi-national female duo and S@vage is their new single, released on 30/09/2022. Comprising of French singer Jennifer Diehl (aka Luna Blake) and swiss guitarist Claire Genoud (aka Hella Sin), the duo is based in the UK and formed in the early part of 2022 (not that you would know this from the professionalism and talent that comes across in this track.)

With their music being described as badass and empowering, heavy yet unique, there is not one genre of music (let alone metal) that can define these girls’ sound. Everything from metal and funk to electronic, rock and grunge can be heard in this track, and I love how it emits a Rob Zombie-esque vibe (who doesn’t like a bit of Rob Zombie eh?)

There is a great mix of vocals from the clean, to the screams, to the distorted and this gives the track an almost industrial feel. Whether this is industrial rock, industrial metal or industrial something else, I am not sure, but I do really like the tone this track gives off.

The changes of tempo throughout the track really work and I was almost a bit sad when the track ended as I was bouncing in my chair to it the while way through. If I had to pick one word to describe this song it would be BOMBASTIC!!!! I totally fell in love with the bounciness of it and I really can’t wait to hear more from this great duo.

A fantastic job well done, girls!

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