Gas Station Pizza – Outside Of The Box

Trying to find information on Gas Station Pizza actually just made me hungry as the internet kept showing me pictures of pizza and not much about the band!!

Florida based, Gas Station Pizza are a four-piece band consisting of Jason Banning on vocals/guitar/synths, Javier Perez on guitar, Cody Nordine on bass and Elden Santos on drums.

Defining their sound is somewhat difficult as one minute they sound like a traditional punk band, and the next they have thrown elements of thrash metal in, only to have noise-rock influences the next.

With a genre-fusing hardcore punk / metal sound they have also paid homage to 90’s punk rock bands, and this combination has given them a sound all of their own.

From noisy drums to electronic synth sounds to full on thrash guitar riffs, this album does seem to have it all. With 10 hard-hitting, catchy songs, each track has something different about it, meaning there really is something for everyone.

Recorded in December 2021, the album was mixed and produced in 2022 and finally released on 23rd September 2022 and has proved just how insanely talented the band is.

Some tracks on the album are heavier while others are more soothing and then you get the totally off the wall “Punk Rock Alarm Clock,” an instrumental with a punk rock background mixed together with a load of zany noises and sound effects!!

I am going to be keeping my eye on this band, just the complete zaniness of them is something to follow!


Space Coast

Gas Station Pizza


Punk Rock Alarm Clock

Murder Hornets

Nostalgia (A Road Called Life)

Get Out Of My Coffin

The Fuggit Switch


1-4: The Haunted Highway

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