Denials – Past Lives EP

Denials are a post hardcore duo hailing from Wales and Manchester. Consisting of Steve White on vocals and Lee Crimes playing all the other instruments featured on the EP, the band was formed after a 6-year hiatus from other bands and the guys love of making music was reignited during lockdown.

Past Lives is a four track EP, which deals with issues such as abandonment, religious exploitation, struggles with mental health and relationships, turning notions of desperation and hopelessness into things of beauty, and I am sure a lot of people will be able to relate.

One of the things that hits you right in the face about this EP is the emotion that the singer emits, the listener can really hear the realness and the rawness in his voice. He has a wide range, and this helps him portray these emotions superbly.

The guitarwork is awesome and the drumming is blistering, and the fact this all came from one man recording at home is just mind-blowing!

This 18-minute EP crosses many genres, from rock, to indie, and this is what gives them a unique sound, 00’s inspired post-hardcore with a modern twist.

Although not ground-breaking or, indeed, appealing to everyone, this is a solid EP, that is deep and dark and makes you actually stop and think about the issues it tackles, musically progressive, yet rocky in places.

I would like to hear more from this band and will be keeping a keen ear out for anything new they release.

Fantastic job by a new band who I am sure will go far!

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