Call In Dead – Deepest Condolences

Well, this track certainly got a dreary Monday morning off to a flying start! Who needs coffee when you can have Call In Dead!

The track kicks off straight away, plunging you directly in to the centre of the song. At just two minutes and two seconds in length, a long intro would just not have worked. But despite the track being relatively short, its two minutes of pure metalized punk!

The drumming is absolutely awesome, it’s a good job the track is the length it is as I am sure the drummer would be totally knackered with anything longer, there is THAT much energy in his playing.

The guitar work has a (big!) hint of The Offspring about it and that can only be a good thing. But it’s the vocals that I think makes this track stand out. With a mixture of traditional punk, heavy metal with a few death growls thrown in for good measure, this track will appeal to a wide range of listeners, not just punk fans.

I’m not a huge listener of punk….but I loved it!

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