Kelsie Kimberlin – What We Had Review

Written by Samantha Flint

My first time listening to Kimberlin’s “What We Had”, I found myself feeling pleasantly surprised with the track. Although the song has a mellow vibe to it, it certainly keeps you absorbed and engrossed with the sound.

From the beginning of the track, we are warmly welcomed with Kelsie’s vocals. Her voice is absolutely perfect for this track, as it gives off a very soft but powerful feel. Unlike many other recent artists, there is not heavy autotune on her voice, therefore what we are witnessing is just pure and real. Kelsie appears to have very meaningful lyrics to the song that clearly empower her, after touching on the subject of overcoming betrayal.

The actual musical side of this song is also amazing! The song builds up to a climax throughout the first part of the song, leaving us to really feel the emotion. The keys are used throughout to add to that mellow vibe, whilst being joined with a steady beat towards the end as she overcomes the betrayal that was previously spoken about.

Kelsie’s talent must be heard and even I cannot give enough credit to this song. So you must go have a listen to this, and you will definitely not be disappointed!

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