Wrene – Starlight (10hz Alpha Waves) Review

Well, this one was something different for me. I don’t usually enjoy instrumentals anyway and electronic music is not something I would normally listen to.


After listening through this four or five times I can actually see the pull of electronic music. Not only is it very relaxing, the pulses and beats of the music affecting the listener in different ways than most other genres of music, but it can literally transport you into a different dimension.

The music had a very futuristic feel to it, and I could imagine sitting in a minimalist spaceship somewhere in the galaxy, just the music for companionship, and feeling totally at peace.

The calming effect the sounds had on me were like nothing I have experienced before, and it literally put a whole new perspective on music for me.

The change of tempo and electronic sounds throughout the track made the song very atmospherical and left the listening in a euphoric state.

This might actually lead to me to listen to more electronic music. A job well done!

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