Viserion – Reborn In Darkness Review

Death metal seems to be the genre of choice at the moment and if you are going to be a death metal band, you might as well be a good death metal band, and Viseron is just that.

Reborn In Darkness kicks off right from the start and does not relent until the very end. Galloping, double kick drums (and who doesn’t like double kick drums?), mixed with pounding guitars and guttural growls, this band are the typical melodic death metal band.

But who wants to be just a death metal band, eh? Throw in some black metal vocals too and you have a band that crosses the genres. Melodic and anthemic yet raw and edgy and with a steady pace all the way through, this song should appeal to a wide range of people.

The length of a track is always important to me too when reviewing and this track is just right. Some death/black metal songs seem to go on forever but this one knows when it’s reached its limit for maximum impact. Any longer and I think the force of the song could have been somewhat lost.

A great offering from a band only formed in 2019! Fantastic job \m/

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