Venustra – Hopping The Train Review

Oh, my friggin god!! What a totally amazing track! One of the best things about music reviewing is getting to hear all the awesome music that would maybe never have fallen onto your radar, and this is definitely one of those bands!

A mixture of Wednesday 13, Murderdolls and Alice Cooper (all of whom I absolutely love anyway) this track really stood out to me. With its fast intro, it drops you straight into the song, there’s no mucking around. The guitar sound is awesome, the drums are just ferocious, and the singers voice has that terrific, unmistakable freakiness that gives these sorts of bands their sound.

Tempo changes throughout the track keep the song fresh and I absolutely love the distorted circus sounds halfway through. The track is full of energy, I can imagine the guys had an absolute blast recording it and the production is spot on!

I NEED to see this band live as I am certain the energy with transfer directly on to the live stage and I can’t wait to hear more from them.

Absolutely bloody loved it!

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