Pistols At Dawn – Under The Surface Review

Wow, what a track. We have heard stuff from this band before and, yet again, they haven’t failed to deliver. With a Five Finger Death Punch mixed with a whole host of other influences feel to it, this is a track that really should go far.

There is a great mix of vocals, from the clean right through to the occasional scream and the distorted, and this really gives the song definition. The guitar work is awesome, and the bass and drums keep the whole song tight, with a steady pace throughout.

Great riffs fill the track from start to finish, making the listener bang their head along with it and we absolutely love the slight tempo changes, never letting the listener get bored. One thing a band never wants, is a bored listener!

This is the kind of track that will get stuck in your head for the rest of the day, and this is in no way a bad thing! We listened to this track five times on the bounce and could have listened five more times, and still enjoyed it as much as the first time!

Great job guys, and really looking forward to hearing more from the album \m/

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