Jane N The Jungle – Metal Ghost Review

You get some metal and rock songs that seem to go on for days and then you get Jane N The Jungle….raw and straight to the point!

The song opens strongly, delivering you right to the centre of the track, no long intro or messing around of any sort. The female singer’s voice is strong and powerful, as all heavy metal singer’s, male and female, should be! She takes control of the song and never lets the music behind her overshadow her.

The guitar work is fantastic, and the bass/drum section holds everything together superbly.

As always, tempo changes throughout the track are a good thing to keep the listener interested and this song works them well. The track is just the right length and I love the way it finishes suddenly and abruptly. I have never been a fan of songs that have an outro almost as long as the actual track and a quick finish is always refreshing to hear, although I am sure it will catch countless DJ’s out when played on the radio 😊

This is a great, no airs or graces, no frills, typical heavy metal song and it deserves to be played on all the various platforms it can be.

Well done to everyone!

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