Damien – Nowhere Review

The thing I love about music is that you think you know what you like and then an absolute gem of a track comes along and blows that entirely out of the water!

This track certainly did that. Starting off with a bass intro, and not enough tracks have bass intros if you ask me, the song didn’t take long to build up into the awesome song that it is.

The drum beat throughout gave the track a stomping feel to it, but this was also interspersed with electronic chimes and sounds that also made it unique. I am not one for pigeonholing tracks or bands anyway, but I would challenge any one to try and pigeonhole this.

The singer has a great, gravely voice that is perfect for the song and even when distorted does not seem out of place. The change of tempo part way through gives the listener just enough breathing room before the track builds right back up again.

To me, the song has a dark but quirky sound, and I could hear rock influences as well as alternative pop and electronic, coming through.

I really would like to hear more from this artist and album and this track proves you can be as diverse with the music you listen to as you want to.

I loved it!

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