DVL – Hush

Glaswegians, DVL (Formally D3vilMayCry), recently released their second album “Hush” and it’s a monster album that, somewhat, took me by surprise. I’m not familiar with the debut “The Pawn That Took the King” (2013) released under their former name, or why it has taken nearly a decade to release a follow up, but what I do know is that “Hush” has been played repeatedly by this reviewer, which has delayed me from listening to other albums that I need to review. It’s a good job I don’t get paid!!

DVL are not an easy band to pigeonhole (another thing I love about them), they cover a range of styles including NWOBHM, Prog Metal, Metalcore, US Metal and Hard/Heavy Rock and they do it without ever sounding disjointed. This is a band that has spent a lot of time with these tracks and has got them sounding exactly how they want them.

Opener ‘Among Us’ immediately delivers a killer blow. There is no ‘album intro’, DVL just kick you in the face with an awesome riff and thunderous song. It’s heavy as hell but incredibly catchy, with a superb chorus and a stunning guitar solo, brilliant vocals, insane musicianship and wonderful production. Now that’s a recommendation and I’ve used up all the plaudits I would usually spread out over a complete review, for one song, so I’m not sure what to write now!!

Instead of capitalising on the opener DVL immediately change tact with next track ‘Dead Man’s Switch’. It’s slower, more progressive, darker and it’s excellent, proving that they can write in a variety of ways but still sound completely as one!

‘Eternity’ introduces Harsh/Screamed vocals and a Metalcore feel for the first time on the album and it’s done extremely well. Metalcore is not a genre I’m so keen on but the harsh vocals aren’t overused, the chorus is once again hugely catchy and I cannot say enough about the guitar work.

Next track ‘Dread’ takes everything you’ve already heard, plus the kitchen sink, and knocks you off your feet with its intensity and style and this is how DVL roll. You are never quite sure what you’ll hear next but you’ll know it will be good! One of my personal favourites is ‘The Pitch’, which is probably the slowest track on offer but the music (which I think also includes some very atmospheric saxophone), personally, conjures up a 1940/50’s Detective Agency but one which is situated in a southern, swamp infested, backwater US town. A strange combination I’ll agree, however, that’s what I love about music, especially when it provides such a powerful visual image.

Lyrically, everything is on the sombre side, with an emphasis on Mental Health in modern society, a subject many of us can, unfortunately, relate to and whilst lyrics are usually the last thing I concentrate on in an album, they have connected with me more so than they normally would.

Before you all think I’ve lost the plot, I’ll just say that “Hush” is an absolute banger of an album and DVL have created something which perfectly combines the old and new. Something which, given the chance, will appeal to a huge fan base. Now it’s just up to you to go and buy a copy because these guys deserve your attention!

Track List

01. Among Us

02. Dead Man’s Switch

03. Eternity

04. Dread

05. Parasomnia

06. The Pitch

07. Hallows

08. Stranger

09. Trial By Fire

10. Hush

Band Members

Ryan Patterson – Vocals

Alan Graham – Lead Guitars

Mark Paterson – Rhythm Guitars

Kevin Choi – Bass Guitar

Lewis Templeton – Drums

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